Burgerheads it’s been a while although, while I’ve not been writing I have been moving, and now I can now finally call London (land of the burger) my home.

I try not to be too hard on myself when it comes to blogging – mainly because I have enough plates to spin *pun drum roll please*.

Me being me, along with moving my entire life 200 miles DAWNN SAAAFF, I have actually managed to squeeze in a couple of burgers to tell you about. Although, as they say, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and I will not be doing two BURGERB1TCHES in two consecutive days again!

Last time I left you on a note that I would be heading to my favourite burger joint of all time Almost Famous – Leeds, and this time I was even more excited as it meant I got to spend an evening with two of my nearest and dearest bitches.


I’m always surprised to hear how many people haven’t been to Almost Famous. You people do not know what you are missing!

Almost Famous is the chain that ignited my love affair with burgers many moons ago. I mean anyone who puts ‘baconaise’ on their fries, popping candy on their chicken and frazzles in their burgers has my heart <3.

BEVS: Meet Almost Famous’ very own bitch juice. If a glass feels too small, just go for the gallon… Genius who doesn’t love their gin by the gallon?


MEAT: I have to try to not let my favourability for this joint get in the way of my usual ‘critical’ analysis however I am struggling… AF’s patties are 2nd to none at this ‘mid point’ price range. 

MEAT FREE: WHAT?!?! With a vegetarian in toe we Almost famous offer not 1 veggie option but FOUR, and if you’re a gluten-free girl you can have your gluten-free bun too. Three words, DEEP FRIED HALLOUMI.

Check out these names!


FRIES: Why have pizza, when you can have pizza fries?  Of all the fast food combinations (Pizza hut’s hot dog crusts and hamburger pizza RIP) Pizza fries. You’ve got to wrap you lips around the BADABOOM fries.


Usually at this point in a review I would comment on the joint’s decor and the desserts however who the fuck is taking that in after a gallon of gin. Not I.  

MONEY:  Some maths for you –  3 hungry B1TCHES + 3 massive burgers + pizza fries + 3 opening B1TCH juices + 1 gallon of gin = £32 per bitch.


ANYTHING ELSE? All I would say is try and perhaps save your visit for a weekend – the atmosphere is usually electric; more beers, more booze, more burgers and more bitches!

OVERALL BURGERB1TCH RATING: Almost Famous my first burger love and current burger god it would be unfair for me not to give you a full five out of five.


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