It’s THURSDAY which means I’m currently nursing some meat related guilt after last night’s BURGERB1TCH outing.

*DISCLAIMER* I realise that this blog is supposed to be based on reviewing the best burgers in LONDON however with my official move date still two weeks away and with no intention to stop my continuing love affair with burgers, I’ve had to take BURGERB1TCH on the road with me.

This week we’re in Royal Leamington Spa – Not a town well know for it’s BAD A$$ BURGERS.

Special guest of honor was my dearest Mother, and if you think I’m a tough nut to crack – You ain’t seen nothing yet. Oh and she hate burgers.  

Never the less, with the promise of a meerkat movie, I managed to shuffle her out of the house and into CAU. Although spelt C-A-U ultimately the restaurant is pronounced COW – for me that was pretty obvious, but you can never be too careful.

Image-1 (4)

CAU is relatively new to the scene, on their website they claim they set out to capture Argentinian spirit and create a restaurant that would fit right into the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires… I mean if I hadn’t have found that on the website, I would not have known.

But all you need to know is that CAU is GAUCHO’S much cheaper, and much less impressive younger brother.

So what else do you need to know before you go?

Well, let’s start with the positives. The first thing that struck me was the slick branding and lush interior. Definitely not too far of a cry from the delicious cowhide seats you find in luxurious distant relative of CAU – Gaucho.  Wait, did I just refer to grass on the wall as GAUCHO-esque?

BOOZE: The only way to begin any trip outdoors with my mother is with a gin and I’d have to give CAU an 8.5 for these beauties. TBH anyone who puts gin in a wine glass is a friend of mine. Although hold the shrub next time.


*NB: The drinks actually took longer to arrive than the burgers but this isn’t TripAdvisor so I won’t bore you with that.

MENU: Let me first of all stress that CAU is a STEAK restaurant – not a BURGER joint.

However, unlike any other high street steak chains *cough* Miller and Carter *cough* there were four burgers on offer. Although I have to admit I wouldn’t consider any of their offerings particularly inventive.

I chose the Latin burger, mainly because it had avocado in- again #basic. That being said the jalapenos did help to spice up what would otherwise have been a very bland choice.

Image-1 (2)

Mum chose the classic. No cheese. No bacon. Well done. No Comment.

$$MONEY$$: – Perfect for a mediocre midweek treat – £

MEAT: Let’s talk patty – I’d say you can get away with calling this one ‘decent’. Nothing special, not overly flavorful but decent enough, price considering.

Image-1 (3)

MUSIC: 80’s Gold

BITS ON THE SIDE: I wasn’t really in the mood for chips (unless I was stealing anyone elses).

I chose TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE. If they’d have served it piping hot it would’ve been the winning dish in this meal – even better than the burger.

Image-2 (1)

DESERTS: After being underwhelmed with our main course, we decided to give desserts a miss. Actually, come to think of it we didn’t get offered the dessert menu.

ANYTHING ELSE?: With your bill you get the opportunity to #RollTheDice. This rather fun concept I have seen before at MEATLiquor years ago, however at CAU instead of the offer being applied to the meal you have just eaten, this offer is applied to your next meal at CAU!

Obviously being chief jammy bugger I rolled a six meaning that I got 60% off next time around.

Image (5)

Ultimately CAU was underwhelming – however I must stress that I am judging what is fundamentally an entry level steakhouse on its burgers.

What I can’t fault is the branding and interior, but I am not Kelly Hoppen and this isn’t GoodHousekeeping.

BURGERB1TCH TIP: If you can get a voucher or a discount code, give it a go!

As for me I don’t think I’ll be returning not for a burger anyway.


Next week I’m still not in London *Eye Roll” But I will be back in the motherland sampling the world-class delights of my all time favorite burger heaven – Almost Famous.



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